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Top tips for filming in the outdoors

Food Citizens: Filming in the Outdoors TOP TIPS

We teamed up with Food Citizen to share our top tips for filming outdoors. If you are busy planning your latest project and are keen to share your hard work with friends, funders and supporters then have a look at these top tips for making your best video yet...

Learn how to use your phone to:

  • Record your projects in the outdoors

  • Show off your community gardens

  • Interview participants on your allotment or raise attention with a campaign

As well as how to:

  • Make storage space & use airplane mode

  • Different shot types & framing

  • Using mounts, stands & microphones

  • Interview filming techniques

  • Tips for filming in bright sunlight

Do tag us @growtogetherbucks when you share your projects, we'd love to see what you've been up to.

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