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Grow Together Blog - Spring 2024

Community Allotment Greenhouse Project

Christmas came early for us at the Community Allotment in December last year when we were awarded funding from Marsh & Micklefield Big Local to:

  • Provide some storage shelving units and replace some old tools.

  • Supply a much-needed solar powered watering system for the allotment greenhouse

The Community allotment greenhouse was donated to Grow Together a couple of years ago  but despite some successes growing plants in it, it has been used more as a storage area than a growing space. During hot weather plants left in there dried out, withered, and often died in between weekly growing sessions due to lack of water. We were therefore delighted to know that thanks to Marsh & Micklefield Big Local, we could now transform the greenhouse into a growing oasis!

After a slow and wet Spring, the weather finally started to warm up enough for us to brush off the cobwebs and crack on with emptying the greenhouse and installing our new Harvst Solar Powered Watering System.

Here is how we got on……

After a week of tweaking and adjustments to work out what watering attachments (drippers and sprayers in technical terms!) are needed where, it is a wonderful sight to see the greenhouse full of plants and trays of seeds germinating and flourishing in our absence. 😊


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