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For the adults! 

Elderflower Champagne 

Many thanks to the Allen family of Jordans Village in Buckinghamshire for the recipe! 


4.5l water

About 10 elderflower heads

Two lemons

750g caster sugar

2 tbsp. cider vinegar

  • Put water, elderflower and sliced lemons in a bucket and leave for 24hrs

  • Squeeze out lemons and strain liquid then add vinegar and sugar. 
    (You don’t need to but I normally make a small amount of yeast solution by putting half a teaspoon of dried yeast in a glass of warn, not hot, water with a couple of teaspoons of sugar, once this has come to life add it, I’ve had a couple that didn’t start fermentation on their own)


  • Decant into fizzy pop bottles (empty Coke or Lemonade etc. bottles are perfect) and screw lids on loosely, after about 2 weeks screw down firmly, periodically carefully releasing the gasses. 

  • They say it’s ready to drink in a couple more weeks but we tend to leave ours until it’s about 18-24 months old and by then it’s Cristal clear like champagne.

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