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Our Work

At Grow Together the objects of our Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular to:


Enhance the lives of individuals

Working with young people (local schools, scouts, sea cadets) and adults from health improvement groups and other individuals, we use the principle of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing (connect, give, be active, take notice and keep learning), as well as introducing the value of a healthy eating.


We incorporate the principles of  the Positive Social Change Framework: Motivation, Capability and  Opportunity.  We provide the opportunity for groups at  our community allotment, or for volunteers from local companies at local schools .  We provide guidance  and encouragement  to  our volunteers; motivation follows,  and improves further as volunteers increase their  gardening competence.  We like to make learning fun, ensuring that volunteers enjoy what they do, whilst also being productive. 


Protect the environment

We seek to raise awareness in the local community by example and through learning together, identifying achievable opportunities to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint: examples include increasing soil organic matter levels and promoting soil health, enhancing ecology, biodiversity and protecting air and water resources.

One aspect of this, which we do to improve biodiversity is gardening organically. We are experimenting with ‘no dig’ and companion planting

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Engage with local businesses

We engage with local businesses to help them meet their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) by brokering opportunities for their staff to volunteer with us. Activities include low skill gardening plus indoor and outdoor improvements to enhance the lives of those who use the facilities. Our focus is to work with host organisation catering for those in greatest need.    


Work to reduce food waste

Through Grow to Give we enable local volunteers to give their surplus allotment produce to the local foodbank.


Through Urban Harvest, we liaise with local residents to bring in volunteers to collect their excess harvest.  


We also work with local organisations such as Feedback, Sustain and similar organisations in their campaigns to seek to achieve a more resilient food supply system that reduces food waste, nourishes people and the planet. 


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