"Urban Harvest aims to re-engage people with the wild and the goodness around them."

Urban Harvest is more than just a map of trees, but an initiative to wake people up to nature on their doorstep.


South Bucks and surrounding areas have many fruiting trees and bushes but most people don’t recognise them or realise that they have edible produce they could access for free. 

Our online map needs your input!

Do you know a great apple tree, blackberry bush or a secret sloe stash?


Follow the instructions on the video below to submit a pin to our map 📍

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Our Urban Harvest objectives:

  • To map as many fruiting trees / bushes as possible to re-engage people with the wild and goodness around them​

  • To start a conversation about cooking and storing small qualities of this food (bottling, freezing and preserving) while leaving produce for other local harvesters and wildlife.

  • To encourage residential growers to learn how to manage their trees and fruit bushes so that they maintain an accessible height and producing good quality produce. 

  • To take time to plan how you can share your excess harvest with other local people, inviting them to ‘Pick your own’, school PTAs to sell them or bottle as fruit juice, residential homes to freeze fruit for Winter puddings, etc.



We have taken care to ensure the information contained in these pages is reliable; however Grow Together - Bucks CIC cannot be held responsible for any loss or harm suffered in relation to your use of information found on these webpages, or other pages to which links are included.

It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the food you forage is safe to eat and that you are entitled to pick it. Thank you. Please forage safely and responsibly.

​​Create your own walking tour

As we get more pins dropped onto the map you will be able to join them up and create your own harvest walk. 

Then when the fruits are ready, take a punnet and using the Woodland Trust app., double check the identification of the trees/bushes and pick a treat for supper.

Pass it on. Tell others.


Urban Harvest was funded by Feedback Growing Food Citizens in 2020- 2021


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If you have issues submitting a pin through the method in the video, you can submit the information on the form below instead 


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