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Working with Local Corporate Organisations

For four years, working with Community Grow, Sheila has been offering local businesses a safe teambuilding, volunteering experience, brokering sessions for their staff to volunteer. During this time over 50 events were organised.


Local businesses lacked connections with organisations which would benefit from input by their volunteers. We broker arrangements by creating the connections and organising the project brief.  We ensure that we have the materials needed to complete the tasks in hand and, as required, show the volunteers new skills such as laying turf or slabs, painting fencing  and using equipment safely. We have had very positive feedback from both the receiving organisations and also the volunteers.  It is rewarding to see the mutual benefits delivered through this arrangement. 

 In 2020 Sheila and Richard founded Grow Together- Bucks CIC and we offer the same brokerage for local organisations  seeking to meet their Corporate Social Responsibilities. Grow Together focus on finding host organisations which are in greatest need of support. 

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