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Working with Local Corporate Organisations

Over the past four years, we have been offering local businesses a safe team building, volunteering experience, brokering sessions for their staff to volunteer. 

We have received very positive feedback from both the receiving organisations, as well as the volunteers. It is rewarding to see the mutual benefits delivered through this arrangement.


The community organisations receive help to transform a space they do not have the resource, finance or skills to do themselves. The corporate volunteers benefit from a fun day working together on a practical project, learning new skills, building relationships outside the workplace between co-volunteers, increasing a sense of connection with their community, positive mental health and wellbeing and sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

The service we provide to businesses includes the following:

  • Sourcing and connecting with local community organisations in need of volunteers on your behalf

  • Discussing with the host the type of work required and advising on the practical application, time and resources required

  • Creating a Volunteering Activity Plan for the host, providing a breakdown of the activities to be completed, the tools and materials required and the number of volunteers estimated for the tasks in the time agreed

  • Attending a site visit to complete Health & Safety and Risk Assessments on behalf of your volunteers and assessing the working area, ensuring suitable facilities are provided (where possible). We will also organise refreshments and cake for break times

  • Providing you with a Volunteer Information Sheet for your staff with information about what to wear, location details, summary schedule for the day and anything they need to bring with them

  • Attending, co-ordinating and supporting the volunteers throughout the day, guiding them on how to complete the tasks safely and to a high standard

  • Providing all tools and equipment

  • Taking pictures of your volunteers for you and us to use for internal and marketing purposes

  • Clearing up at the end of the day and meeting with the host to ensure they are happy with the work completed by the volunteers

Please do contact us if you would like to receive more information about our Corporate Volunteering Days and the volunteering opportunities for 2024.

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