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Through this project we facilitate arrangements for growers to donate their spare fresh produce to the local foodbank, One Can Trust. we are currently focusing on five allotment sites, but we will be adding a further three sites this year. At each site we have willing volunteer Champions in place who invite the growers to participate by placing their donation in the purpose built boxes. On their specified day, the Champions take the produce into One Can Trust where it is weighed and the amount recorded. ​

Grow to Give donation box.jpg

Donation Box

​The allotments where gardeners are currently donating produce are:

Back Lane (Liz Taylor),

Ashley Drive (Janet Petty),

Desborough Castle (Carole & Mike Last),

Queensway (Stella Woolnough and Steve Long),

Green Hill (Fay Ewing and Ivan Cicin-Sain). 

We have donation boxes at each site, which keep contributions cool and dry prior to collection and delivery to One Can Trust. 

This year we are developing :

- 3 other Grow to Give allotment sites in Wycombe and Beaconsfield

- 3 Master classes to be streamed online - one on soil health & composting, one on extending the growing season & growing well, one on organic pest control & companion planting.

- 20 seasonal, plant based, simple and nutritious recipe cards and

- create short videos on line to give ideas about how to use the fresh produce. 

This work is funded by Bucks Council Public Health and Feedback Global.

Watch this video for more information about Grow to Give


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