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Director of Educational Programmes

Grow Together Bucks, is a small not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC). We are seeking a Director with experience and expertise in the education sector who will relish the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping our organisation’s development, growth and sustainability. 


Grow Together Bucks have recently been awarded funding from a prestigious donor to develop and transform the CIC over the next three years into a sustainable and enriching community charity. 



  • Home based

  • Monthly Directors Meetings held in High Wycombe  

  • Educational projects for 2024 are focused within South Buckinghamshire (High Wycombe & surrounding areas.) 

  • Mileage expenses will be re-imbursed 



  • Office/admin work – estimated 1 day a week 

  • Monthly Directors Meetings



What will you be doing?

As a director you will be working closely with the Board to steer the organisation through and beyond this new phase of transformation. This year, we are working with 3 local schools within the Primary, Secondary and SEN educational spheres. 


The Director of Education role will encompass: 

  • Helping to design, develop and monitor practical growing programmes in local schools, educational establishments and/or our community allotment. 

  • Guiding and advising on how schools can most effectively incorporate a growing programme into their school curriculum. 

  • Assisting fellow Directors to align and develop a clear company strategy. 

  • Overseeing the running and development of practical growing programmes.  

  • Promoting the projects and organisation within the community. 


General Director responsibilities:  

  • Assisting the Board to align and develop a clear, sustainable company strategy. 

  • Supporting the financial stability of the organisation. 

  • Safeguarding the good name and ethos of the organisation. 

  • Contributing actively to setting overall policy, defining goals, setting targets and evaluating performance against agreed targets. 

  • Ensuring the organisation complies with relevant legislation and regulations. 

  • Ensuring resources are allocated exclusively to meet the organisation’s funding obligations, mission and objectives. 

What are we looking for?

We are open to applicants from senior positions within the public, private, social and voluntary sectors who have experience in Education. You will help guide the development of educational growing programmes. 


  • Understanding and experience of the cultural, political and performance pressures on schools

  • Experience of what motivates schools and understanding of how to maximise the benefits the school and children can derive from practical programmes

  • Experience in engaging with and inspiring school decision makers, gatekeepers and teachers

  • Knowledge and experience of how to overcome practical challenges that schools face (e.g. school safeguarding protocols, time and workload pressures)  

  • Able to connect and engage with potential funders, community bodies and volunteers.  

  • Creative and self-motivated.

  • Ability to complete work within project timescales. 

  • Strong Organisational, time management, communication and literacy skills. 

  • Sense of humour, flexible and non-judgemental. 

  • Passion for helping and empowering others. 

Desired Qualities: 

  • Experience and understanding of how to access different groups of young people. 

  • Preferably some experience working with volunteers and/or in the social sector. 

  • Interest in protecting the environment and people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing 

  • Experience in horticulture and/or growing fruit and vegetables. 

  • Experience in project participation and evaluation. 

  • Experience of producing reports and/or funding applications to a high standard.  



What difference will you make?

  • Being a driver of change through the contribution the organisation makes within the community and by inspiring the next generation

  • By creating new (or rejuvenate unkept) vegetable growing spaces in local schools and community spaces.  

  • By giving children the experience of working together and showing them the importance of protecting the environment and how to grow fresh, healthy, organic food. 

  • By offering children a valuable, practical experience which could lead to educational and career opportunities in agriculture, horticulture and environmental conservation. 

  • Being instrumental in transitioning this Community Interest Company into a sustainable community organisation for the future. 


What difference will it make to You?

Through positively impacting how our children are educated and helping connect them with the seasons, the natural environment and empowering them with the skills and confidence to grow their own fresh food you will:.  


  • Build new friendships and connections in the community. 

  • Be an integral part of the exciting transformation of this Community Interest Community 

  • Increased positivity and wellbeing by connecting with other volunteers and organisations within the CIC/ charity sector

  • Give back to society and improve the lives of people in your community. 

Please do contact us if you would like to receive more information about this voluntary role.

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